Neck Sweats and Accessories

Replacement Chafing Pad

Replacement Chafing Pad

Cattle Neoprene Neck Sweat

Cattle Neck Sweat

6 Hook Closure Strips - Replacement

Replacement 6 Hook closure strips

Nosepiece with Two Hook Closure Strips - Replacements for Cattle Neck Sweat

Replacement Nosepiece with two hook closure strips

Cattle Neck Sweat w/ Flex Foam

Cattle Neck Sweat with Flex Foam

Replacement Flex Foam Liner

Replacement Flex Foam Liner

Cattle Neck Sweat w/ SBR Neoprene Liner

Cattle Neck Sweat with SBR Neoprene Liner

Replacement SBR Neoprene Liner/Nosepiece

Replacement SBR Neoprene Liner and Nosepiece